Well secured
without delay

Spryng’s private clouds are located within Europe for added support in data protection, identity and access management, infrastructure security, threat detection, monitoring, compliance and data privacy.

Extra secure

We protect users of our Virtual Private Cloud through 'the least privilege' (you only have access to what you need as a minimum).

No failures

Our private clouds are located in separate geographic locations, so they are isolated from breakdowns and failures

99.99% uptime

We only update one server at a time so that at least one server is always available. View the uptime over the past period here.

Quickly and
easily integrated

Spryng has many integrations including: API, REST API, SFTP and Mail2SMS. Extra simple to integrate due to the various SDKs, plugins and sample codes in different languages.

$spryng = new \Spryng\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'); $message = new \Spryng\Objects\Message(); $message->originator = 'Spryng'; $message->recipients = [31612345678]; $message->body = 'This is a test message.'; $Spryng->messages->create($message); const spryng = new Spryng(YOUR_API_KEY) const message = await spryng.message.send({ encoding: 'auto', body: 'Test message', route: 'business', originator: 'Example Company', recipients: ['31612345678', '31687654321'], reference: 'ABC123' })

Spryng is standard linked to more than 50+ systems.

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Fast delivery,
no matter what

Due to Auto Scaling, your messages are always delivered within seconds, as we automatically scale extra service at peak times. Your messages will therefore always arrive within seconds, regardless of the quantity.

Security Batch iso-27001-nen

Perfectly arranged

  • Quick delivery

    Sending and receiving (bulk) messages is done at high speed. Our advanced queuing system manages and prioritises SMS traffic.

  • Easily managed

    You can manage your profile, messages, statistics and settings yourself in a clear customer portal. Our advanced system automatically recognizes and filters fake numbers.

  • Prevents mistakes

    We use tests and static code analysis so that no errors or blocks are used in production environments.


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