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SMS for healthcare in the corona crisis

SMS for healthcare in the corona crisis

Fast and secure communication via the SMS Gateway

The corona crisis is forcing companies and institutions, in the Netherlands and abroad, to communicate with their clients in a different way. Keeping a distance is vitally important, and in healthcare institutions, not too many people should be together in one room at the same time. This requires a great deal of adjustments on the part of these institutions when dealing with patients. The use of SMS as a versatile means of communication can help in this respect and is already regularly being used. We have created an overview with a number of examples in the health care sector in which (especially now) SMS are being used. 

Many healthcare institutions already have experience in sending SMS messages to clients, for example to remind them of an appointment. But now, during the corona crisis, SMS can be used for many other purposes as well. With an SMS message you always reach the right people (at a distance) with the right information at the right time. And that is more important than ever before.

SMS in healthcare
Sending SMS messages has been done by healthcare institutions on a large scale for years, as an extra service to clients and to reduce the number of ‘no shows’.

However, during the corona crisis an SMS service can also be used to, for example, dose the number of visitors in a healthcare institution so that there are not too many people inside at the same time.  Or to quickly request medical supplies and pass on instructions to corona patients at home.

SMS service for pharmacies
Many pharmacies already work with an automatic medicine dispenser (outdoors) for the collection of medication. These machines are accessible 24/7 for the retrieval of medicines. This collection system works quickly and safely: as soon as the pharmacy receives a prescription, the medicines are prepared and put in the vending machine. The customer receives a unique pick-up code via an SMS message. By entering this unique code on the display of the medicine dispenser, the right medicine will come out of the dispenser within a few moments. During the corona crisis this is a fantastic solution, because you can also pick up medicines outside pharmacy opening hours without having to go inside. The number of people entering a pharmacy is decreasing drastically. And that is a benefit for everyone involved. 

E-health and SMS: a healthy combination
The use of SMS is also increasing when it comes to e-health. Spryng is active as a provider in Belgium to send a code to people who have undergone a COVID-19 test for online access to their test results. That is not only the quickest way, but also a very safe one. You can also share other relevant information with an SMS, such as a link to a website with tips and/or instructions. 

Safe and fast communication with SMS
It is a fact: SMS is a fast and effective way to communicate. Research has shown that 90% of people read an SMS message within three minutes of receiving it. This is in contrast to e-mails of which only 24% are opened in the first hour after they are received (some e-mails are never even opened). A phone call from an unknown caller is also often not answered by many people, and is therefore also an inefficient way to reach clients. 

Moreover, the argument that elderly people are more difficult to reach with SMS has long since disappeared. SMS is also proving to be an effective means of communication among the elderly, and one that is well-read. Most people almost always have their smartphone at hand and a text message is an easy and non-intrusive way of conveying information. 

Communicate effectively via our SMS Gateway
Would you also like to know how our SMS Gateway can make your business processes and communication flows more efficient and keep your customers more satisfied? Spryng takes stock of your organisation’s needs or problems without obligation and helps you think about effective and safe solutions. Please feel free to contact our CEO Marc, via telephone number 020-7703005. 

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