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Improving the customer experience through SMS

Improving the customer experience through SMS

Every company wants their customers to be satisfied! Having a good product or service is unfortunately not enough these days. Satisfaction concerns the entire customer journey and many more elements are of importance than just the actual purchase moment. What matters most is that the customer has a positive experience using the service or product and that is why it is essential that you start gaining perspective from your customer. Their experience starts from the very first moment the consumer is in contact with your organisation. Do you want to optimise this experience? This can be done easily by using the SMS.

Before purchasing
As already mentioned, the customer journey often starts long before the actual moment of purchase takes place. That is why it is important that the customer has a positive experience with your organisation during each moment of contact. SMS can contribute to this! First of all, you may wish to inform your customers about discounts or send a coupon via SMS. By doing so the customer does not have to search for promotions themselves and you attend to their needs. Today’s consumer often chooses the easiest option. By acting upon this, the chance the consumer will choose your organisation is higher.

The next step for you as a company is to be of assistance to your customer by sending him or her a reminder via SMS. You could for example send an SMS when the discount starts or when the discount is due to expire. This way you can use SMS to provide the latest call-to-action.

Another option SMS offers is two-factor authentication, with which correct users are verified and most importantly customers can safely use your service. When customers log into your website or want to register, it is essential that this data is handled securely. By sending a verification code to the mobile phone of the (potential) customer, you protect their account and it becomes difficult for hackers to violate your system.

In addition, it is possible for your company to contact your customers for appointments. By sending an appointment reminder via SMS, you ensure that the customer doesn’t forget his or her appointment or allows them to cancel their appointment in time. This saves time and money that would otherwise be lost if a customer is a “no-show.”

After purchasing
After purchasing the product, it is also important that the communication between your customer and your company is smooth and positive for an optimal customer experience. A simple reminder; such as a text message when a parcel that has been ordered will be delivered, so that the customer knows when they need to be at home or to postpone the delivery moment. This adds value to the customer’s experience. In the same message you can thank your customer for shopping with your company or say that you hope your customer is happy with their product. Some parcels are brought to a specific collection point. In this case SMS can be of great importance. You can send your customer a message when the delivery is ready to be picked up, the address of the pick-up point and the customer can also identify himself with a verification code he has received by SMS. This way you can be sure that the purchase is delivered to correct customer.

It is also significant that you gain information from your customer; find out what they think of your organisation and what their wishes and needs are. With this information you can optimise the customer experience even more. To find out, you can ask your customers to complete a survey once they have used your services. In an SMS message you can send the customer a link of the survey, making it hassle-free and very easy for the customer to participate.

Nothing is more important than ensuring that your customer is positive about your product or service. Your customer will share their experience with their friends, family or colleagues and their overall experience is decisive for follow-up purchases. Does your company also want to create an optimal customer experience? Do not wait any longer and contact Spryng today via +32 (0) 5 88 19 31 or

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