cost allocation

Easily check your usage per part or department with main and sub-accounts.

Discover our SMS API

Our focus

Started with no-show solutions
for healthcare and within 15 years
grown  to be the SMS specialist,
expertising in all sectors.


Our mission: to increase the service and reduce the number of no-shows.


Logistics and E-commerce

Well on the way and always someone at home, with SMS.


Financial sector

Prevent fraud and identify with OTP and 2FA.


GDPR Proof

Highest SMS security standard

ISO 27001 and NEN 7510 certified, the only SMS provider in Europe with both certifications. The security and safety of your data and that of your customers is 100% GDPR proof at Spryng.

View our security Batch iso-27001-nen

REST API integrated within seconds

Extra easy due to various SDKs, plugins and sample codes in different languages.

$spryng = new \Spryng\Client('YOUR_ACCESS_KEY'); $message = new \Spryng\Objects\Message(); $message->originator = 'Spryng'; $message->recipients = [31612345678]; $message->body = 'This is a test message.'; $Spryng->messages->create($message); const spryng = new Spryng(YOUR_API_KEY) const message = await spryng.message.send({ encoding: 'auto', body: 'Test message', route: 'business', originator: 'Example Company', recipients: ['31612345678', '31687654321'], reference: 'ABC123' })

Spryng is standard linked to more than 50+ systems.

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Our focus

Everything with a
simple SMS API

Plug & Play

Simple implementation and procedures and many links. Allowing to send SMS easily, without technical know-how.


Always read quickly

The attention value of SMS is 5 times higher than e-mail. 98% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes.

SMS Gateway

Know who you are communicating with

Secure your software against unauthorized access with an SMS for 2FA or OTP.

SMS Authentication

Reach everyone at once

With only 1 REST API we send millions of SMS messages worldwide every day

Bulk SMS


Our links integrate
every system

Spryng has links with many systems. This way you can easily send SMS messages. Is your system not yet linked by Spryng? Then use our REST API. It’s very simple!

View all standard links


What our clients say

Via Spryng's SMS service, we proactively inform our customers of the status and delivery of their order. This saves a lot of time and money throughout the entire chain!


We will deliver your order today at 12:30 pm at the Dorpsstraat 12.

24/7 support

In several languages + tailor-made for specific wishes.

A deal is a deal

Pay for what you send, no start-up or monthly costs.

Partner for the future

Spryng continues to innovate and invest in the latest techniques.