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Pay only for what you send. Simply via credit card.

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Prices shown apply to SMS traffic within Singapore.

If it concerns SMS traffic outside Singapore, please contact our sales team for custom pricing advice.

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Best rates & highest quality

At Spryng the amount of SMS credits and the preferred SMS route determine the price per SMS. We offer two different SMS Gateways.

icon-informSpryng Business SMS Gateway – 1,2 credit
If you want the highest level of reliability and you want SMS messages directly to be delivered then we recommend you the Spryng Business SMS
Gateway route. Direct connections to the operators in Singapore and abroad are made and you can therefore send bulk SMS worldwide.

icon-informSpryng Economy SMS Gateway – 1,0 credit
If costs are of more importance to you than the reliability and delivery speed, we recommend you Spryng Economy SMS Gateway. Your SMS messages are sent via both national and international telecom operators. This SMS route is ideal for the biggest marketing campaigns.

Send SMS worldwide

Through Spryng it is possible to send bulk SMS worldwide. We work with telecom operators around the world and maintain good co-operations. This way we can offer the best quality routes at the most competitive prices.

Quickest delivery times

Spryng’s direct connections are known for the quickest delivery times, the highest level of reliability and includes all features such as delivery reports, error codes, long SMS and personalized SMS, free of charge.

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Virtual Mobile Number

Best rate & global reach

Via Spryng you can be purchase virtual numbers worldwide at the most competitive prices and you do not pay to receive SMS on that number.

Today 15:30
Dear Ms. Li, your SMS has been received and we will send you the exact location.



Virtual Mobile Number

At Spryng you don’t need to pay setup fees for receiving SMS via Virtual Mobile Numbers. You only pay a monthly fee that depends on whether there will be any outgoing SMS traffic.







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High volume

Every day millions of messages are sent and received worldwide via Spryng’s secure platforms. Our SMS Gateway allows you to send SMS to more than 900 networks in over 200 countries and receive SMS worldwide on our virtual numbers.